Monthly Archives: April 2017

My Green Smoothie


Green smoothies are nothing new.  And quite honestly, the smoothie concept can be taken in sugar laden unhealthy directions….even if they are green colored.  I stick to  the basics mostly, but in this smoothie I added a vegetal nutritional twist.

The basic recipe, which I of course tinkered with, comes from Oh She Glows.  To be honest I didn’t keep much the same…. I don’t think she’d mind.  She likes to tinker too.  But, it’s because of her smoothie that I started drinking this one and playing around.  So thank you to Angela Liddon! Continue reading

Multigrain Cereal and Pumpkin Harvest Bread – Bread, Toast, Crumbs

I’m excited today! I’m excited as a baker and as a friend.   I’ve been looking forward to the release of Bread, Toast, Crumbs for over a year now. The author, Alexandra Stafford, is a fantastic baker, cook, and friend. I first “met” her through her blog Alexandra’s Kitchen when I would write her with questions regarding recipes – usually pie crust. Normally, asking a question out into the ethers of the internet will get you nowhere and then you need to Google your question. But not Ali. Ali is someone who truly wants you to succeed in the kitchen. That pie crust question that introduced me to her? I can now make delicious pie crusts – and much easier than how they’re normally made. There’s not one aspect of cookery that stymies her. She’s been to cooking school, worked in restaurants, and has done the hard work. She shares it all with her readers. She makes us better cooks.

It was through our chatting about recipes that she asked me if I would test a few for her book. “Heck yeah!” was my response.   Ali is known for her peasant bread, which is actually her mom, Elizabeth Lowry’s, recipe.   But, as any Yale graduate who goes off to cooking school tends to do, Alexandra took the recipe in many delicious directions. There’s now a peasant bread to suite every mood, every whim, every diet, and every season.

When I was testing these loaves my mother in law was in town and she ate an entire loaf on her own. It’s very easy to do! And now that she’s returning to visit I’m making them again. It’s one of the few things she requested of me.  They really are that good. Continue reading