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Slices of Angel Food Cake

Old Fashioned Chocolate Frosting For A Big Birthday

I had a birthday. A big one. The big 4-0. And I’m loving my new decade. I don’t feel older than I normally do. I’d say I don’t feel old, but my kids ensure I get no more than three hours of sleep a night…. so in that way, I feel oooold and tired. But, that’s it. I do feel wiser in a “screw what the world thinks” kind of way. Of course, I didn’t pay much mind before, but even less now. I already see myself turning into the batty old woman that others mutter about when they see me coming “Oh God, here comes Dana again. What’s that lunatic up to this time?” I love that feeling and I truly hope I’m the village nutter. Continue reading

Coconut Pudding

Fresh Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding Coconut Pudding

There are certain perks to living in Hawaii.  Fresh coconut, real homegrown tree-to-bean-to bar chocolate (more on that later), excellent local coffee…. these are some of my favorite things about living in the tropics.  Each weekend I go to the farmers market and drink at least one coconut and eat the meat.  I feel so good afterward.  I have tried all the supplements that are supposed to make you feel fabulous to no avail, drunk coconut water from the supermarket, and did all those health and wellness things…. Seriously, I should have known better.  There was nothing fabulous about any of them.  But, drinking coconut water straight from the coconut – that’s a different story.  It’s invigorating and refreshing.  It really makes me feel good. And it’s a galactagogue to boot! Continue reading

The Sweeter Side of Ricotta – Two Ways – Lacy Brown Butter Cookies and Coffee and Ricotta Marbled Cake

I fault Stella Parks.  It’s 100% on her.  She posted some cookies she mistakenly made with browned butter and ricotta.  They really looked good….so I went out and bought ricotta, I couldn’t help it….. oh holy heck, these cookies are addictive.  You won’t be able to stop eating them.  I sure couldn’t. My son couldn’t.  My mom could but that’s because she has incredible will power and there were already four hands on the cookie plate and we were way too fast.  They didn’t last long, not even a day. Continue reading

Peanut Butter Stars

Merry Christmas ya’ll!  It’s a beautiful day in Hawaii….somewhere in the 70’s.  Not exactly a white Christmas but a beautiful one nonetheless.  In case you need an easy cookie for a party, here’s a good one.  It comes from one of my mom’s friends.  I don’t remember her name, but I remember her food and it was all really good.  Sorry mom’s friend!   Continue reading

Pineapple Sorbet for Cinco de Mayo

Hello again.  I’m writing this very soon after my last post, but I was cooking up a storm for an early Cinco de Mayo party and I happened to have my camera around to take some terrible photos.  Yes, I’m well aware of the fact that I can’t use my camera well to save my life and that people can take better photos with their phones. But, I digress.

This post about pineapple sorbet.  And I have to be honest, opinion is divided on it.  Mine vs. everyone else’s.  Truthfully, when I make this again I’m going to lessen the sugar in it because here in glorious Hawaii the pineapples are gorgeous on their own and don’t need adornment.  Heck, just eating a pineapple on it’s own makes me happy.  But, for a party you need to fancify your fruit.   Continue reading

Brownie Pudding

Brownie Pudding


Brownie Pudding

Oh Ina, How I love thee.  Let me count the ways….there was your roast chicken, your corn pudding, your corn chowder….I could go on and on…..But now there is this brownie pudding.  The last thing I need in my life is brownie pudding.  Now its in my life and in my recipe files forever more, and I think holidays are going to include it too.  This is an easy reach back recipe.  There is only one challenge here.  You need the right size and shape pan to bake it in and it goes in a water bath.  Which isn’t challenging at all, you just have to make sure you have a dish that will fit the dish you’re baking the brownie pudding in.  This is a kitchenware challenge not a baking challenge. Continue reading