Fresh Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding

Coconut Pudding Coconut Pudding

There are certain perks to living in Hawaii.  Fresh coconut, real homegrown tree-to-bean-to bar chocolate (more on that later), excellent local coffee…. these are some of my favorite things about living in the tropics.  Each weekend I go to the farmers market and drink at least one coconut and eat the meat.  I feel so good afterward.  I have tried all the supplements that are supposed to make you feel fabulous to no avail, drunk coconut water from the supermarket, and did all those health and wellness things…. Seriously, I should have known better.  There was nothing fabulous about any of them.  But, drinking coconut water straight from the coconut – that’s a different story.  It’s invigorating and refreshing.  It really makes me feel good. And it’s a galactagogue to boot!

The coconut man at the farmers market, Hans, is one of the nicest men you will meet.  And he personifies aloha spirit.  While he cracks your coconut, everyone surrounds him to chat.  He’s clearly been doing this a long time.   Not only can he wield a machete like a pro (because he is a pro), but he knows everyone and can carry on a full conversation while chopping and cracking.  The other weekend he chopped over 800 coconuts for an event…. he says his hand is still recovering from that.  Daniel, another aloha spirit and wonderful guy, is usually with him too, but apparently he decided to try and leap from coconut tree to coconut tree and hurt himself.  I’d like to give him a motherly lecture when I see him next.  So scary!  Of course, they both climb the super tall Fiji coconut trees that are crazy tall…. G-d bless them, I get sweaty palms and nervous thinking about it….

Hans and Daniel, two super nice and wonderful guys

Last weekend I took home a full gallon of coconut water plus all the soft jelly coconut meat that comes in the young coconuts.  Seriously delicious.  But, what am I supposed to do with the coconut meat other than eat it as is?  I came across a coconut pudding from the Detoxinista using fresh coconut, the water, vanilla, and a little sweetener.  This coconut pudding is the antithesis of the store bought pre-made puddings on supermarket shelves.  Admittedly, I have a bit of an affinity to them, especially since having baby 2.  I still love soft “hospital” food.  Oy!  I digress.  My point is that this is fresh, clean, and pure coconut.  It’s delicious and I don’t feel bad at all giving some to my son, who enjoyed it.  To that point, it’s not overly sweet – although you can add as much honey as you’d like – it’s not like your typical pudding with a list of ingredients with artificial flavors (including fake coconut extract).  So, should you find yourself with a young coconut and you want a treat, this is it.

Fresh Coconut Pudding adapted from Detoxinista

1 cup fresh coconut meat – (roughly)

1/4 – 1/2 cup coconut water (depending on how loose or thick you like it)

1 teaspoon vanilla

a pinch of salt

1 tablespoon of honey (or a little more depending on your preference)

Blend it all up!  Let it chill in the fridge for a few hours.  Eat with relish!  – Makes 1 serving


  1. Barbara lappe says:

    I definitely want to try this! I guess I’ll have to wait until I get to Hawaii, though… not too many (none) young coconuts around here.
    Hope to try it this summer.

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